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Barn Hunt Practice

Intro to Barn Hunt

This is a single class to see if this is a sport that you and your dog are interested in trying. We will work with you and your pup to test their instincts, introduce to rats and build drive in the ring.

Barn Hunt Run Throughs

Hone your skills as a team with courses built to Barn Hunt regulations and a trainer on hand to time and help problem solve.

Group Barn Hunt Classes

Open to all Levels!

Whether its your first time in the ring or you’ve trialed in Barn Hunt, this set of four classes will work on building drive, determining your dogs indicator, introduce the rules and get you and you pup trial ready.

Ring Rental 

Option of 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. You will get access to eight rats in tubes to have free practice with your pup. Instruction available for extra charge. 

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