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Meet The Trainer

I am Emerson Greuling, owner of Central Ohio K9. I graduated from National K9 as Certified Professional Dog Trainer and have experience in training advanced obedience, behavior modification, scent work, personal protection, and service dog work. I have four (4) years experience training dogs. I first started by training foster dogs as they did not necessarily come to us well trained, or even house broken. 

I use a balanced training approach which involves the use of both reward based techniques, and corrections. I use a variety of training tools and will teach you how to use them effectively. My goal is to work on your goals for your dog whether it be leash manners, general obedience or demand barking. 

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Meet My Dogs

These are my two personal dogs Cooper and Tucker 

Cooper is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. He is a Multipurpose Service dog. In his free time he loves to swim, cuddle and play with his brother. He has passed his CGC, CGCU and has his Novice Trick dog title.

Tucker is a 2 year old German Shepherd. He is my sport dog. He loves to compete in Dock diving and FAST Cats. In his free time he loves to play ball, swim and train. He has his Novice Trick dog title. 

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